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Welding Table Accessories

We can offer a full range of accessories and tools to make you table even more functional and efficient, these are just a few, please see the full catalogue or call us for advice

Tool Sets

With more than 5 sets available for each system type these tool kits offer great value for money and set the table up for numerous applications.


A vast array of squares in different sizes to assist in clamping even to most difficult assemblies.


Spare / additional bolts to clamp fixtures to the table


A range of prisms in varying materials and surface finishes are available to stabilise irregular shapes workpieces.


A vast arrange of clamps is available for all systems that allow clamping of virtually any item (may require using other accessories)

Care Products

From anti-spatter spray, allen keys and cleaning brushes to Table cleaner we have the care products to keep your Table in tip top condition.